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17 September 2021


Open banking: Strengthening the grantmaking process

Open banking can, and is, improving the grantmaking process for organisations and individuals; increasing security, reducing paperwork, and enabling grants to be delivered more efficiently.

16 August 2021


Using a human-centred approach to build better solutions for people facing financial hardship

To fully understand and design for the issues at hand we’re using a human-centred design approach to help accelerate support to people in financial hardship.

28 July 2021


The opportunity to transform grantmaking to individuals

Charities are under significant pressure to support the more than 12 million people in the UK struggling with financial hardship. We’re working with them to co-develop a better solution for the sector.

FB LI - Global Goals Impact  Award_ Start-up.png

21 June 2021


Lightning Social Ventures recognised as leading impact startup at the 2021 CogX Awards and the Impact Shakers Awards

Fintech for good startup Lightning Social Ventures wins two prestigious awards for their innovative digital platform accelerating support to people in financial hardship.