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Case studies & testimonials

Case studies from support partners

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Racing Welfare

"Using the portal for our grants applications has allowed us to save time for both beneficiaries and our team. Thanks to Lightning Reach we have also been able to roll out our targeted grants programme, again saving huge amounts of time for the team, the grant application arrives complete, with all checks done ready for our team to process."


ABTA Lifeline

"The benefits for LifeLine have been that we are better at handling data and sensitive information in a timely manner. We have certainly reached more people as the applications for support have increased. We have also been able to respond quicker than we would have done in the past due to the built-in security checks (such as ID verification)."


RAF Benevolent Fund

"The main benefits we have seen so far are an increase in direct applications from new and younger beneficiaries. This has suggested we may be getting a better reach than we were previously. Open Banking is also great when it is consented to and when applicants use it, as we often have issues in getting proof of income for applications."

Testimonials from support partners

“We’ve been using Lightning Reach for a month and it’s been revolutionary. As applications are now managed online – from application to verification – we can reduce the maximum wait from months to weeks. Not only does it make it quicker for us to distribute the money but it also reduces the administrative burden on our charity.”

Becky Ireland

Deputy Head of Welfare, Racing Welfare

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