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We help you provide support quickly, seamlessly and securely

Lightning Reach enables charities, local authorities, housing, utility and financial services providers to reach and provide support to vulnerable individuals more effectively.


Why work with Lightning reach?

Our one-stop platform empowers individuals to engage with your services and access a wide range of personalised support (grants, benefits, help with bills and more).

Using innovative technology, we help your teams to save time administering support, reach more people eligible for the help you offer, reduce fraud and increase your impact.


Join us in transforming the complex ecosystem of support and simplifying the process for everyone involved.

“The Lightning Reach portal brings huge benefits to the sector, particularly in simplifying processes for the people we support. Our turnaround time has gone from around 4 weeks to 2-3 days.”

Steve, Head of Grants, Royal British Legion

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Introducing the Lightning Reach portal

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Accelerate delivery

Save up to 70% in admin time by hosting applications for your support schemes with Lightning Reach - reducing paperwork and speeding up verification processes


Improve customer experience

Empower your clients to quickly find and apply for a personalised range of grants, benefits, help with household bills and other support - all in one place


Increase security

Protect client data using our secure and GDPR-compliant platform, with options to minimise fraud using open banking and ID verification technology

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Reach more people

Increase awareness of your services by getting matched to eligible clients, reaching more diverse communities which you might struggle to engage


Track data and impact

Collect the client data you need using our flexible range of customisable modules, with the option to track your impact with bespoke reports


Collaborate across sectors

See what other support your clients have been matched to, reducing duplication and facilitating a more holistic approach across multiple sectors

Our partners

Our platform can be used by a wide range of organisations including grantmaking charities, local authorities, housing associations, utility providers, financial institutions, advice agencies and local support providers.


If you provide financial or wellbeing support to individuals, or are looking to help clients in financial difficulty or vulnerable circumstances, we would love to speak with you.

Partner case studies and testimonials

Our most recent partner spotlight:

Racing Welfare

"Using the portal for our grants applications has allowed us to save time for both beneficiaries and our team. Thanks to Lightning Reach we have also been able to roll out our targeted grants programme, again saving huge amounts of time for the team , the grant application arrives complete, with all checks done ready for our team to process." Read full case study

Social Innovation Council

We co-designed the Lightning Reach portal with input from experts across a range of sectors and organisations, alongside individuals with lived experience - ensuring we have a human-centred approach to development.


We continue to run quarterly meetings to exchange insights on different topics and facilitate collaboration, which are open to all members on our mailing list.

Interested in being involved in the council? Register your interest here...

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