Seamlessly connecting people in financial hardship to the support they need

Our one-stop portal helps charities and public sector institutions to streamline processes, accelerate support delivery and connect to the broader support ecosystem. 


Increase reach. Accelerate impact.

Co-developed by the sector, for the sector, the Lightning Reach portal is transforming the way support is delivered to people facing financial hardship.

Our one-stop portal helps our partners expand their reach by connecting them to people in need of their support. We leverage technology to save our partners time, accelerate their grant delivery and increase their impact.

“The Lightning Reach portal has the potential to bring huge benefits for the sector - particularly when it comes to simplifying processes for the people that we support.”

Steve, Head of Grants, Royal British Legion

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The Lightning Reach portal

The new Lightning Reach portal uses cutting-edge technology to streamline the grant application process, minimise fraud, and help organisations collaborate across the sector.

✅ Joined up support


One-stop digital portal connecting people in need of financial support directly with charities and public sector institutions

✅ Increasing impact


Helping you reach a more diverse range of people who need your support

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✅ Sector collaboration 


Facilitating coordination across organisations, reducing duplication and streamlining the user experience

✅ Accelerate grants


Leveraging open banking and ID verification to reduce administration and speed up processes

Fast, flexible and dynamic

Built with flexibility in mind, the Lightning Reach portal can be customised to meet your organisational needs.

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Core Questions

A single set of information for multiple organisations

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Support Match

Matching people to relevant support based on their circumstances

Financial Verification.png

Financial Verification

Using Open Banking technology to get accurate, real-time data and reduce fraud

ID Verification.png

ID Verification

Digital identity verification to reduce the risk of fraud

Bespoke Questions.png

Bespoke Questions

Additional custom questions tailored to your grant

Document Upload.png

Document Upload

Customisable document upload for a paperless process

Applicant Manager.png

Applicant Manager

Intuitive platform to review and process applications easily



Easily integrate with your existing database 


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Our Impact

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“Anything that makes cross-organisational collaboration easier is a plus in my book, and the shared digital grants platform has the potential to bring huge benefits for the sector - particularly when it comes to simplifying processes for the people that we support. I’m impressed with how much progress has been made already, and am looking forward to being part of the project and sharing learnings from our experiences with collaboration within the military charity sector.”

Steve Baynes

Head of Grants, RBL

Social Innovation Council

The Social Innovation Council includes a group of organisations that provide support for individuals facing financial hardship. 

This first-of-its-kind initiative brings together a key group of organisations to collaborate and exchange insights on a shared support platform. 

Interested in being involved in the council? Register your interest here...