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Provide financial support, seamlessly and securely

Our one-stop portal helps charities, local authorities and corporations providing financial support to streamline processes, accelerate support delivery and connect to the broader support ecosystem.


Increase reach. Accelerate impact.

Co-developed by the sector, for the sector, the Lightning Reach portal is transforming the way support is delivered to people facing financial hardship.

Our one-stop portal helps our partners expand their reach by connecting them to people in need of their support. We leverage technology to save our partners time, accelerate their delivery and increase their impact.

“The Lightning Reach portal has the potential to bring huge benefits for the sector - particularly when it comes to simplifying processes for the people that we support.”

Steve, Head of Grants, Royal British Legion

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The Lightning Reach portal

The new Lightning Reach portal uses cutting-edge technology to streamline the application process, minimise fraud, and help organisations collaborate across the sector.


Join up support

One-stop digital portal connecting people in need of financial support directly with a range of providers


Accelerate delivery

Leveraging open banking and ID verification to reduce administration and speed up processes

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Increase impact

Helping organisations reach a more diverse range of people who need their support


Collaborate across sectors 

Facilitating coordination across organisations, reducing duplication and streamlining the user experience

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We work with a range of partners across the support landscape, including grantmaking charities, local authorities, utility providers, housing associations and advice/referral agencies. 

Grant / hardship scheme providers

Lightning Reach helps charities, local authorities, housing associations and other organisations providing grants or hardship schemes to improve their support delivery.

  • A simple digital application form that can be customised to suit your needs, including innovative technology such as Open Banking, Bespoke Questions, Document Upload and APIs to easily integrate with your database

  • Save time with less manual processing and free up capacity to spend time on those with more complex needs

  • Reach more people in need of your support

Referral agencies

Lightning Reach helps support agencies, money and debt advisers, credit unions and more to help their clients get access to the support they need.

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  • Help your clients identify multiple sources of support through our one-stop portal

  • Empower clients who can self-serve to do so, and free up capacity to spend time on clients with more complex needs

  • Apply on behalf of clients, track the impact of support applications and improve the feedback loop - new features coming soon


Lightning Reach helps utility providers offering essential household services and financial institutions to support their vulnerable customers.

  • Help your customers access a range of personalised support to improve their financial situation

  • Reduce the time and costs spent on client queries

  • Accept applications to your hardship funds through the portal, and save time on administrative processes

Impact to date

people helped to apply for support



satisfaction rate


facilitated in
financial support


“We’ve been using Lightning Reach for a month and it’s been revolutionary. As applications are now managed online – from application to verification – we can reduce the maximum wait from months to weeks. Not only does it make it quicker for us to distribute the money but it also reduces the administrative burden on our charity.”

Becky Ireland

Deputy Head of Welfare, Racing Welfare


How can I be involved?

If you are an organisation providing grants or hardship schemes you can accept applications directly through the Lightning Reach portal. If you are a referral / support agency, you can signpost your clients to create a profile on the portal to find and apply for support they may be eligible for. Book a demo to find out more.

How much customisation available?

The portal has been designed using a modular approach, meaning you can select the features that are most relevant to your organisation’s needs. Modules include financial verification, ID verification, document upload. There is also the flexibility to build in additional questions over and above the core questions so you can capture information specific to your grant / hardship scheme.

What are the costs of being involved?

For organisations providing grants or hardship schemes (e.g. charities, local authorities) we operate on a subscription fee model to accept applications through the Lightning Reach portal, with a range of tiers to suit the needs of your organisation. Discounts and free trials are available for smaller organisations, get in touch to find out more. If you are a referral or support agency, it is free for you to signpost your clients to the portal. We can provide copy and custom trackable links for your website. Get in touch to find out more.

Social Innovation Council

The Social Innovation Council includes a group of organisations that provide support for individuals facing financial hardship. 

This first-of-its-kind initiative brings together a key group of organisations to collaborate and exchange insights on a shared support platform. 

Interested in being involved in the council? Register your interest here...

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