Social Innovation Council - Digital Grants

We are setting up a Social Innovation Council to co-design, prototype and develop a new end-to-end digital grants platform that offers a step-change improvement to the sector and enhances support to individuals in need.​

This first-of-its-kind initiative aims to bring together a key group of organisations to collaborate and exchange insights on a shared digital grants platform. This will be co-designed by the sector, for the sector - and centred around the needs of the people they support.

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Is business automation expensive?

No it is not expensive. Today there is a large offering of 'no-code' tools that allows to build integrations extremely fast and without a developer. That said not everything should be automated. At Wiseflow we always do a basic cost vs benefits analysis before to sell a customer on an automation or integration. In most cases the return on investment is a few weeks or less.

Why should I use a company like Wiseflow versus building my own automations?

If you have the time and the will to learn the ropes of business automation yourself you can of course go this route. This is actually how our founder started. However our experience and expertise will allow you to automate faster and further so you will see the benefits much sooner.

Where are you located?

Our offices are in San Diego, CA

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