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Social Innovation Council 

The Social Innovation Council is a collaborative group of organisations providing support for people facing financial hardship, set up by Lightning Reach.


We work collaboratively to co-design, prototype and test a new one-stop portal which streamlines and speeds up the grant application process for individuals and the organisations supporting them. 

During the first phase of the Council (Jun-Dec 2021), the Council co-designed and launched the beta Application Portal which enables individuals to securely apply for multiple grants using a single profile.

Get involved

Subscribe to our newsletter to become a Council member. You’ll receive bi-monthly progress updates and opportunities to take part in workshops and feature testing.

Streamlining access to support

We're working towards our end goal of building a more streamlined support ecosystem. We aim to enable different organisations to collaborate more effectively and get support to the people who need it, quickly and securely.

Structure of the Council

SIC Structure.png
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