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Lightning Reach hits £10m in funding delivered through the portal

Press Release

Lightning Reach, a tech for good platform connecting individuals with financial support, has now enabled financially vulnerable UK households to access over £10m in funding. 

The cost of living crisis has pushed more individuals than ever into financially challenging times, with 5 million living in a negative budget, a 37% rise in food bank usage² and 41% struggling to pay energy bills³.

By partnering with charities, councils and support organisations and connecting them with its growing user base of over 110,000 individuals, Lightning Reach has helped people find support that they are unaware of and simplified application processes which are often complex and confusing.

Lightning Reach’s partners have also benefited from the streamlined applications process, which gets grants processed faster, reduces administrative time using innovative technology such as open banking, and allows organisations to reach a wider range of beneficiaries.

Ed Robinson, Grants Manager at Royal British Legion says:

“It used to take 4 weeks to get to a grant decision, now it takes 2-3 days. We now deliver a similar volume of support with less than 10 people, compared to 80 before. The system use and ease has just been brilliant for us. I can’t speak highly enough of it.”

As well as helping individuals find support, it’s also available for support professionals to find funding for their clients.

“It highlighted grants and genres that we never knew existed. This is a brilliant tool to remind me there are other options, instead of thinking just about benefits 24/7.” - Support Worker, East Ayrshire Council

As well as continuing to increase its user base to help individuals find much needed support,   Lightning Reach will be fostering collaboration and driving impact by hosting a cross-sector event for partners and key thinkers in the support space on 18th June. Find out more and join the waitlist here.

Read more and download Lightning Reach’s latest Impact Summary here.



About Lightning Reach:

Lightning Reach is a pioneering Fintech for good startup which simplifies access to grants and other vital support for individuals and families in need. Through its innovative financial support portal, Lightning Reach has already registered over 110,000 users and facilitated more than £10 million in grants to households amidst the cost-of-living crisis. The company leverages cutting-edge technology to streamline access to support, reducing paperwork for organisations and making support more accessible to those who need it most.



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